Deepblu Academy | Feature Banners Artwork Guidelines
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Feature Banners Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Policies

Artwork will be rejected if it includes any of the following:

  • Website addresses. Your artwork must not contain or display any URLs.
  • The words “Deepblu” or “Deepblu Inc.”
  • Third-party trademarks without authorization or usage rights.

Feature Banner Specifications

There are seven feature banners for promo art, described in detail below.

The feature banner specifications are designed to maintain a clean and consistent layout in order to ensure a clear message of your ad is delivered, as well as to minimize the back and forth of ad assets requests. We’ll consolidate your ad assets to produce feature banners that follow the guidelines and best communicate with your target audience. All you have to do is to provide us ads assets that follow the specifications.

Feature banners for each content type

Deepblu Tips

Deepblu Orignal

Deepblu Events

Marketing Requests

Marketing Requests

  • Provide File Types: PNG or JPG
  • Final Feature Banners Dimension:• Mobile: 1080 x 810px• Web: 2274 x 400px
  • Suggest Material Image Dimension: width 1200px or more
  • Suggest Provide Image of Brand Logos Dimension: Minimum 500px or more PNG removing background, or vector fileWhen designing featuring art, keep the following in mind:

Simplify and focus

With a minimal amount of time for each feature banner to communicate with a user, it is important to simplify and focus the amount of information being presented. Remove non-essential characters, objects, or elements from the composition to create a clear and uncluttered view into the dive world.

Target Grid

Deepblu feature banners on mobile devices and web browsers display differently in terms of size. Target Grid includes text and key visuals with even layout.


  • Text Overlay Area

The primary goal of the first impression is to deliver a simple and focused amount of information. Text can be divided into three layers: Tag, Title, Subtitle. There are word count limitations for each layer.


  • Tag: The main category tag. It is categorized by the type of feature banner and it’s not allowed to change.


  • Title: Simple yet precise. Max of two rows. Suggest no more than 24 half-width forms.


  • Subtitle: A simple description to support the information of the title. The purpose is to provide further information for an audience whose interests are triggered by the Title. If your title contains less than 12 halfwidth forms, we suggest you limit your subtitle to 80 halfwidth forms. If your title contains between 13-24 halfwidth forms, we suggest you limit your subtitle to 46 halfwidth forms.


  • Credit: You bare the responsibility to provide the name of the third-party owner to credit the owner if the assets you utilize are provided by a third-party owner.


  • Button: On the web version, there are buttons on the left and right side of the feature banner to maneuver the slides. The text and key visual should avoid extending to these button areas. The areas should be utilized as an extension of the background.


  • Key Visual Safe Area

The key visual is the focal point of the feature banner. Key visuals are most likely to be services, products, or UI features of the brand. The key visual may act as the visual focus of the background to create a sense of brand image.


  • Background Area

The background area provides upper and bottom spaces for text and the key visual to extend. It should not divert the visual focus. Use it to transfer the focus to the text and key visual by all means, including:

  • An overarching color that quiets the backdrop through a gradient map/overlay/other blending technique
  • Lowering the presence of the backdrop through opacity settings
  • Visual direction created through shapes and/or color


  • Logos

You will provide a brand logo to enhance brand recognition. We suggest vector files or a single color logo to ensure your logo delivers the best brand identity. Or you can provide a transparent background logo format with a minimum 500px and 720 dpi.


Examples of final, composed feature banners artwork: