Deepblu Academy | Discover: Featured Page
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Discover: Featured Page

Discover is your gateway to the explorations of other divers, and your connection to the latest news and events in the diving industry. Discover consists of three distinct pages, each with their own unique mix of content: FeaturedFollowing and Live.

The Featured Page

The Featured Page features a wide variety of quality content from within and outside of Deepblu. All content on the Featured Page is curated by Deepblu.

On the Featured Page, Deepblu will share articles, photos and videos from the best diving websites and publications, and highlight some of the best user content, including dive logs and posts from other Deepblu users.

On the Featured Page, you can:

  • Browse the content by scrolling up and down the feed.
  • Scroll through the pictures in a dive log or access the information page of dive logs.
  • Watch videos.
  • Comment on or like any post or dive log.
  • Share posts or dive logs to Facebook.

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