Deepblu Academy | Add or Remove a Buddy
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Add or Remove a Buddy

You can connect with your dive buddies, friends, family and other divers you meet on Deepblu. You can also see posts from interesting divers on Deepblu by following their profiles, without adding them as a buddy.


When you are buddies with someone on Deepblu, you will automatically follow each other. Dive logs and other content your buddy posts will be shown in your Following Page feed, and your content will be shown in theirs.


To add a buddy:

  1. Type in your friend’s name or email in the search bar at the top of any Deepblu page.
  2. Click their profile picture to navigate to their profile page.
  3. Click Add Buddy.
  4. They will receive a buddy request from you. When they accept, you will receive a notification in the notifications section of your profile.

To unbuddy someone:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the person you don’t want to be buddies with anymore.
  2. Click Unbuddy.

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