Deepblu Academy | Report Abusive Behavior or Inappropriate Content
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Report Abusive Behavior or Inappropriate Content

The Deepblu Community Guidelines were designed to keep our community safe and enjoyable.

Any user may report posts, comments or dive logs submitted by other users if they contain abusive or inappropriate content that violates the guidelines. Reports will be reviewed by the Deepblu Community Team, and if found in violation, the offending content will be removed.

To report a post:

  1. Click the three-dotted icon in the top right hand corner of the post.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Select the reason why the post violates the Community Guidelines.
  4. Type a description of your report.
  5. Click Report.
  6. After submitting your report, you must wait for up to two business days. You will receive a notification informing you of whether the content has been deemed abusive or inappropriate.

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