Deepblu Academy | Add Topics to a Group
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Add Topics to a Group

When creating a group in the Community section, you can define up to ten topics to better organize the content within the group. When users make a post in the group, they can choose one of the topics you defined for their post.

The topics operate similar to a tag system, so clicking on the topic name on the left-hand side of the group screen will filter out all of the group’s posts that don’t belong to that topic. Additionally, each group will include a default category for all content.

To add topics to a group:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, begin by creating a new group. Otherwise, edit your group by clicking on Settings.
  2. Type in a new topic name and press the enter key. You can choose up to 10 topics. You cannot delete but you can rename topics.
  3. Press Create.

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