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Business How To’s

As a part of a large community of divers that spans the entire globe, Deepblu strives not only to create the best platform for divers, but to help dive business find potential customers and succeed in providing the best services in their area. We know applying for a business profile on Planet Deepblu can seem like a lengthy process, but with a fit, flashy profile you’ll reach a level of presentation that allows you to excel on Planet Deepblu.


Follow these steps, and you’ll be in a good position in no time.


Step 1: Apply for a Business Profile


  • Head to Deepblu, click “Sign Up Now” if you don’t have an account
  • Sign Up via Facebook or E-Mail
  • After confirming, return to Deepblu and click the downward facing arrow on the upper-right corner of your home page
  • Select “Apply for Business Profile,” fill out the details, and you’ll hear from us soon!

Step 2: Basic Settings


  • From Business Profile, select “Update Images and Settings”
  • Select profile and cover photos by clicking on them, and update
  • All settings are updateable by selecting the pencil icon next to them
  • Save, and you’re done!

Step 3: Tell Divers Who You Are


  • From Business Profile, select “Tell Us Who You Are”
  • Edit a section by clicking the three dots [image] within it and selecting “Edit”
  • Add the details simply by typing them in, for “Highlights” hit enter after each one added, and tell your story in the about section
  • Select “Display this Section” to make sure it’s seen

Step 4: Create an Experience


  • From Business Profile, select “List Your Services”
  • Click “Create Service”
  • Add a title and description, highlight what’s included, add videos and photos, and save

Step 5: Post on Your Timeline


  • From Business Profile, select “Stand Out From The Crowd”
  • Write a post in the text box, and add photo or video if you’d like!
  • Click “Post,” and you’re all set

Step 6: Creating an Album


  • From Business Profile, click “Albums”
  • Select “Create Album”
  • Add a Title and Description
  • Add photos, and save

Step 7: Manage Your Team


  • From Business Profile, click “Team”
  • Click the three dots [image], and add from your Dive Buddies (To add Dive Buddies, you need to be on your personal profile, search for them, and click “Add Buddy)
  • Click “Invite,” and then click Plus (+) to add buddies to your team
  • To add roles, click “Profile Roles,” and change the details of what each buddy does for your business. Here you can also promote members to page administrator.

Step 8: Add Dive Spots


  • From Business Profile, access “Settings” below profile picture
  • Select Dive Spots> Add Dive Spot – Choose a location on the map
  • Choose Existing/New
  • Select site or add location by dropping a pin on the map
  • Name, fill out details, and you’re all set. Don’t forget to hit the save button!
  • To add to your experiences, choose a dive package and add to the “dive spot” section.

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