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Promoting Your Business On Planet Deepblu

What is Planet Deepblu?

Planet_Deepblu is home to a variety of informative content that divers and ocean lovers worldwide are using to get to know more about their favorite diving sites and discover your destination as their next adventure.

The company is now introducing a whole new way for divers to discover dive destinations and get in contact with diving local business. (Dive shops, Dive resorts & training centers or Liveaboard services)

Our fast-paced, growing community is it also a business solution that facilitates communication between more than ~40,000 registered divers and diving-related services.






Where can I find my business profile?

Your business profile is always accessible form your personal Deepblu profile, as long as you have a personal account and it has been added as a team member.


a) Visit – In order to update your profile please use your desktop version.

b) Log in with your personal Deepblu account, associated with your Business profile.

c) Click the downward arrow next to your user name in the top-right corner

d) Select the business name you want to reach.


Who will see my profile?

Deepblu users are able visit your profile as long as it has been published. Make sure you are on the map and keep your profile up to date.

If you wish to remain unpublished temporarily, go to settings and set your profile as Private. Note that new customers will be unable to find you on while your profile is on private mode.


What our divers are looking for in your business profile?

Dive customers visiting your profile are eager to know more about your activities and how to get in contact with you. Please complete as much information as possible from the menus below:


  1. General contact information: location, email, website, phone number…
  2. News: updates and posts to promote your business to the diving community
  3. About: details about your business and services: features, highlights, About us, Google map.
  4. Gallery: a photo gallery to promote the life of your business, products, events memories…
  5. Services: a description and pictures of what you do, conditions and cost.
  6. Team: Deepblu members who are related to or working at your business (Dive pros, staff, trainers, sales team)



1. General contact information

You will find below the organization profile photo an option to edit general contact information. Only profiles granted editing rights are able to update content.

a) Click on Settings to access to the contact menu

b) Click on the camera or the pencil icon to update information about your business



 a) Business profile logo and cover photo:

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Make sure yours represents the best of your business. It is recommend uploading a logo of at least 640 x 640 pixels and a cover photo of at least 1080 x 720 pixels.


 b) General contact information:

  • Organization: name
  • Address: go to google maps, locate your business and copy paste the address. The map will point to your address.
  • Phone number
  • Website: your company or social media URL
  • Email: your main business contact.
  • Business hours
  • Short Description: what you do, and share your business passion.
  • Languages: English, local language, main customers’ market language.
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Certification programs



2. News

Our divers are visiting us every day. The News section will let divers know how much your customers enjoy your services.



Keep them keen on your activities, divers love your posts:

  • Let your followers know what’s going on at your location.
  • Announce special events, share pictures and videos, and comment on them.
  • Have them follow you, and be in contact with current and future customers
  • Post highlights from your activities, weather, underwater pictures, or provide any other content that your followers will be interested in.


Posts will be also automatically feed to the Deepblu Live community page, giving your business more visibility to divers and getting your destination and business promoted.

You can post photos and videos with hashtags, just like with any other social media or Deepblu community posts.

3. About

The About menu has further information about your organization. Click the three dots on the right-hand corner to edit:



Highlights: add a few bullet points about key facts and what makes your service unique

About: go deeper into your business description. Talk about your stories, your passion and your vision. You can upload up to 4 pictures, it is recommended that they have a minimum size of 640 x 640 pixels.

Location: be on the map and let everybody know where to find you.

a) To edit, click on the Settings menu and click on the pencil at the top of the section.

b) Go to Google Maps to find your business address.

c) Locate your business, and copy paste the address exactly as per Google format.

d) The map will automatically point your address.

An unlimited number of photos of your business and its activities can be uploaded.


a) Click on Create Album

b) Name the album with a creative title

c) Describe and upload at least 1 photo

Tip 1: To upload multiple photos at once, click Add Photos

Tip 2: To edit or delete an album, open the album, click on the three dots on the right-hand corner and Select editor delete.




a) Upload all services, products, and activities you are selling:

b) Click on Create services and programs

c) Add a title, a good description, and a picture (recommended size is 800×400 pixels)You may also add price range, currency, and duration the duration for each item.

d) To edit or delete a service, click on the three dots on the right-hand corner and select edit or delete.

6. Team

Let everyone knows who is on your dream team and promote their expertise on their personal profiles. Deepblu divers will be able to discover more about your team members, consult their profiles, and add them as buddies.

Who are the members of my team?

Add any member of your business, they are linked to your organization and as a result will attract more visitors to your business profile.




Optimizing your team members’ prestige will increase their popularity, please complete user profiles. Note that only your personal profile buddies can be added as your team members.

Adding or removing team members on your organization’s profile can be done from the User Roles settings.



How can I manage my team roles?

Each business profile can have one or multiple user accounts associated to them. These user accounts will show up on the Team menu of profile main page.

How do I add team members?

In order to add new team members to Planet Deepblu business profiles, they have to be Buddies with one of the administrators and then get invited to join a business profile:


a) Ask your team to create a personal profile at Deepblu

b) Find your team members and send them a buddy request.

c) Wait for them to accept your invitation.

d) Go to your organization profile, click on Settings, click on User Roles.

e) Select Inviteon the top-left of the page (by Profile roles).

f) Your buddies will automatically be displayed.

g) Click on the plus icon, and an invitation will be forward to them.


How do I Remove team members?


a) Go Profile Roles at the top-left of the page (by Invite)

b) Click Remove or Degrade beside each user name

c) Accept the removal of this user from your business profile team. As a result, their profile photo will no longer be displayed on the team page, and granted administration rights will be removed.


How can I grant my team members rights?


Go to Settings, and under Profile Roles, you can manage team members’ rights on your business profile, such us:

  • Regular user:under this role their profiles will only be displayed on the Team page. By default, new team members will be ‘regular users’.
  • Admins: under this type of role, posting news, as well as permission to give other team members rights, will be granted. (e.g. content managers within your organization)
  • Owner: under this role all rights and functionalities above will be granted. Note that the ‘owner’ role can be transferred to any team member.