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Organization Profiles

Note: We are currently piloting this feature with a number of selected organizations.

In the future you will be able to create an organization profile for your business, non-profit organization, or dive club. Organizations are similar to regular user profiles. They can be customized with stories, photos, videos and other information about your organization. Each profile type will be tailored to the needs of your organization.

There are three main organization profile types:

  1. Business: for dive shops, dive centers, resorts and liveaboards.
  2. Non-Profit: for non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations.
  3. Dive Club: for organized associations of divers.


Organization profiles will allow you to market your services to the public (Business), promote your causes or awareness campaigns (Non-Profit), and maintain contact with your community members (Dive Club).

To create an organization profile you will first need to create a personal Deepblu profile and then apply to become the administrator an organization profile, which will be linked to your personal account. Applications to create an organization profile will need to be verified and approved by Deepblu.

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