Deepblu Academy | Deepblu Account Types
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Deepblu Account Types

There are four different account types on Deepblu, depending on the type of user you are:

  1.  Deepblu Diver: the default account type. Appropriate for new users and divers with a non-professional level certification.
  2.  Dive Pro: for divers who have a professional certification. To become a Deepblu Dive Pro, you must be verified by the Deepblu Community Team by uploading a picture of your certification. Learn more about becoming a Deepblu Dive Pro.
  3.  Reseller: for dive business owners/managers representing businesses that are resellers of the COSMIQ+ Dive Computer. To become a Reseller, you must fill out an application form and be verified by Deepblu’s Community Team. Learn more about becoming a COSMIQ Reseller.

You can create a regular Deepblu Diver account and upgrade to one of the three additional account types at any time.

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