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Sync Your Dive Computer with Deepblu

If you have a Deepblu Connect-compatible dive computer, you can wirelessly create digital dive logs by synching your dive computer with the Deepblu app via Bluetooth!


To upload dive data from your dive computer to the Deepblu app:

    1. Enable Blue-tooth on your mobile device. Some phones also require location access for Bluetooth discovery to work. Make sure the two devices are within 10 m (30 ft) of each other.
    2. Put your dive computer in sync mode.
    3. Access the Deepblu app on your mobile device. In the main menu, tap Your Dive Computer.
    4. If you have already paired a dive computer, you can skip to the last step or you can add another dive computer with the Add Device button in the top right-hand corner.
    5. If you have not yet paired a dive computer, choose your model from the list of Deepblu Connect-compatible dive computers.
    6. If there are multiple dive computers around, select the right one from the list.
    7. Keep an eye on your phone and the dive computer. If the dive computer displays a PIN code, enter it on your phone (on Android, the PIN code prompt can be in the notification drawer; pull it down and tap the Bluetooth icon to enter the code and press OK).
    8. After the phone and the dive computer are paired, press Sync Logs to start transferring data from your dive computer to Deepblu.


If you have several dive computers, you can add more by pressing the button in the top right.
Pick your device from the list
Slide down the notification drawer to access the pairing request.
Enter the pairing code as displayed on the dive computer
Once the device is paired , you'll see this screen. Press Sync Logs to start syncing.
All imported logs are saved as drafts marked with the device name.

After the syncing process is complete, Deepblu will tell you how many new logs were found and imported. Press OK to move on to the log drafts page where you will see your imported logs marked with the originating device name.

Tap any of the dive logs to move on to the next step Composing a digital dive log to add photos, complete details and publish the logs.


Here are some basic tips for solving the connectivity problems.


Before pairing

  • Make sure you have Bluetooth switched on.
  • On some Android devices, the Deepblu application needs access to your device’s location services to access the Bluetooth connection. If you have denied this permission, go to app settings to restore this permission.
  • Make sure your dive computer and phone are no further than 10 m (30 ft) away from each other and there’s a clear line of sight between the two devices.
  • Make sure your dive computer is in Bluetooth (Sync) mode and ready to receive a connection. Consult the manual if you’re not sure how to do this on your device.

Trouble with pairing

  • If you cannot pair (establish a first connection) your device with your phone, check if you need a PIN code to pair it. While the Deepblu COSMIQ does not need a PIN code to pair, other devices (notably SCUBAPRO computers) may do. On some versions of Android, the operating system will prompt you for the PIN code via a pop-up window, but on others it simply puts a notification in the notification drawer. Keep an eye out for a Bluetooth  icon notification. If you see it, drag down the notification drawer, tap the icon and enter the code.
  • If you’re still having trouble, reboot both devices and try again.

Trouble with data transfers

  • If the transfer fails, aborts or otherwise does not complete, try transferring again.
  • Under certain circumstances, the receiving device may drop some of the data it received. We are aware of a few cases in which one or two dive logs are not transferred and are working on a workaround.
  • You may also try to reboot both devices and transfer again.

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