Deepblu Academy | How Can My Instructor Digitally Validate My Log?
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How Can My Instructor Digitally Validate My Log?

If your dive instructor, divemaster or dive guide has a Deepblu account, they can verify your dive logs to make them official. Simply create a dive log and tag your instructor just as you would for your dive buddies.

Before getting your log validated, make sure you and your instructor/guide are buddies on Deepblu. Second, make sure that your dive instructor/guide has been verified as a Dive Pro on Deepblu. You can tell if they have been verified by the Dive Pro badge on their profile picture.

To send a validation request to your dive instructor/guide:

  1. Click Validation Request.
  2. You will see a list of your Deepblu buddies and instructors. Scroll down through the list to find your instructor or dive guide.
  3. Select your instructor from the list by clicking their name or profile picture.
  4. If it is a training log, select This a Training Log.
  5. The drop-down menu will allow you to select the certification level.
  6. Press Done.


Your instructor will receive a validation request which they can then accept or deny. You will receive a notification once your dive log has been verified.